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What we do

ACA is a boutique agency committed to a diverse talent roster of actors and  directors and writers that act. The agency works in innovative ways to draw the attention of industry professionals to both untapped and rising ethnically diverse and international artists. 

The agency works with teenagers through to adults and had 3 divisions:


(Teens & Adults)

The ACA Co-Operative

(Graduates and returning actors)

ACA Commercials 


Our mission

Sandra comes from an acting, writing and producing background and became an agency in 2015 due to her passion for finding and nurturing talent and wanting to do her  part to help change the landscape of the industry.


"I came from an era where the issue under representation was not being publicly voiced and where tokenism was not only the norm but was pointed out, being  told by agents they 'already had a black actress' was the usual phrase my friends and I would receive. The industry is slowly changing, there are more platforms for people to express how they feel and speak of their lived experiences. People are being more conscious of  what productions they pay to see. We are seeing films led by black and Asian casts triumph at the box office. The 'default settings' are being challenged both by those it affects and their allies. This is great! However, the industry still has a long way to go, especially in the UK and I long to see more balanced productions on stage and screen with universal stories  led black, Asian, middle Eastern and ethnic minority. 

i am passionate about empowering talented  diverse artists and creatives. Pushing for equality is at the forefront of what I do."


Sandra Thompson-Quartey's Story

Sandra started her professional training in Musical Theatre at the Brit School of Performing Arts, before studying Modern Drama and Creative Writing at Brunel University. She went on to train as an actor at the East 15 Acting School.