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ACA division

We have 3 divisions:


(Teenagers and Experienced Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Ethnic Minority and Multilingual International Actors)

The ACA Co-operative

Actors who have graduated in the last 3 years and returning actors

ACA Commercials

(Commercial actors and actors from the other divisions)


To join the ACA talent division please email a cover letter including your Spotlight link, IMDB link (if you have one), please highlight your advanced skills and/or credits, your natural/native accent and your working visa status for the UK and Europe if you are based outside of the UK, your ethnicity and nationality and please include your phone number. You may be asked to prepare two monologues or read a scene unless you are very experienced.

Please do not include any photo attachments or videos that need to be downloaded we prefer links to work.


If you are an actor who also directs please also include your Directing CV and any links.


If you are an actor who writes please also include either a play script or a treatment accompanied by the TV script. We are not looking for film writers who do not also have TV scripts.


CHILDREN 14-17 years

If you are 17 years and under download and fill in the application form and send to you will be required to audition


Tel: +44 (0) 207 060 4975


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